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Help to stop smoking for good. You'll find pages on the reasons to quit, ways to quit, quit smoking aids and effects of quitting-everything you need to finally quit smoking.

Tips To Quit Smoking

When it comes to smoking, for some reason, people find it very difficult to quit...I know I did.  I must have quit smoking hundreds of times in the 20 years I was a smoker.  You probably did, too.  These tips pages are designed to give you the reasons, methods, aids, information and support...everything you need to quit smoking for good.  We both already know you want to quit smoking or you wouldn't be reading this.  I quit smoking 16 years can quit, too.  Let's get started!   To help you find the right fit, try these recent top-selling books with tips to quit smoking.

20 Reasons To Quit Smoking:  To quit smoking, the most important part is why you're quitting.  It isn't enough that your spouse wants you to or your boss wants you to.  Until you want to quit smoking enough to go through the process of withdrawal, you will never quit.  We will cover many aids and ways to quit smoking, and they all work...if you really want to quit.  That's why it's so important for you to figure out why you want to quit.  To help with this, visit 20 Reasons To Quit Smoking.

Quit Smoking Effects:  This page covers what can happen to you while you're quitting, the effects of nicotine withdrawal.  If you don't have a solid reason to quit smoking, this page may give you an excuse to keep smoking.  None of the effects you experience when you quit smoking are permanent, but some can be very uncomfortable for several days to a few weeks.  If you have a solid reason to quit smoking, knowing the effects can help you live through them when they occur.  You can do this by visiting Quit Smoking Effects.

Ways To Quit Smoking:  Well, now that you know why to quit smoking and what the effects are, it's time to discuss the ways to do it.  We will cover several different methods, including the one that worked for me.  As I mentioned, all methods work if you know why you need to quit.  If you're ready to see the methods, click on Ways To Quit Smoking.

Quit Smoking Aids:  Many people, including myself, need additional aids to quit smoking.  These are products designed to assist you to quit smoking.  This page lists the various aids along with some advice as to what kind are the most beneficial.  To Get There, just click on Quit Smoking Aids.

Help To Quit Smoking:

Finally, sometimes we need more help to quit smoking than information, aids and methods provide.  Smoking is an addiction.  Like any other addiction, sometimes it requires healing the underlying cause before we can end the addiction.  Addiction is caused by an emptiness or low self-esteem that causes us to use substances to try and fill the void.  The only One who can fill this void in us is God.  If you want help from God to quit smoking, click God help me.

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