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Help advice and resources to overcome the many possible problems involved in family life. You'll find over 150 pages to help with marriage, children, money, abuse, divorce, safety and many other areas of family life today.

Family Life Today

My guess is, you're not here because things are going great, so let's look at the other side of family life.  It's never been as complex, frightening, risky, hazardous, painful, frustrating, costly and confusing as today.  These Parenting Help Products include the best-selling books to help you in all stages of parenting.  If you're looking for help navigating the family life minefield, you're at the right place.  Here is a list of our family life pages to help you:

Marriage Problems:  A good marriage is the foundation of the family.  This page will help you heal your marriage.

Effective Parenting Information:  Learn of child safety, parenting tips and much more.

Abuse Survivors Recovery:  These pages cover the darker side of family life...sexual abuse and domestic to know it's happening, what to do, how to prevent it, and how to recover.

Family Advice Articles:  Articles and tips to help in all areas of family life.

Senior Care Giving:  Covers Elder Law, Assisted Living, Financial Elder Care, Medicare, and the many types of elder care insurance.

Financial Management Planning Help:   These pages provide the financial backbone for family life with debt, mortgages, budgeting, investment...a very complete family money program.

Addiction Management Recovery:   These pages cover how to identify and deal with many addictions and codependence, to preserve a healthy family life.

Changing Mental-Emotional Health:   You'll find help for anxiety, depression, grief, eating disorders and much more.

Finally, family life today can be so complex that many of us feel we need help form God just to maintain a happy family.  If you want His help just click on God's Help. 

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