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It's an honor that you've allowed us to try and help with your family and life issues.  Thank you very much for visiting.  Please return soon.
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Help with addiction, mental health, weight, marriage, parenting, senior care, finances, abuse recovery, etc. Support from people who have been there, self-tests, self-help programs and other resources.

Purpose Of Way2Hope:

Way2Hope was created to provide online help, solutions, support, community and resources for life problems.  We're not talking about your pet's nutrition, here.  We're talking about serious, life-changing problems; mental health, addiction, abuse, eating disorders, senior care, parenting, marriage Issues, major illnesses and money problems.  We were founded in 2001 by E-Home Fellowship Co. (EHF).  Since then, people in over 150 countries visit Way2Hope each month, for help with their life problems.

About Glen:

picture of Family Life Help founderGlen Williams is founding Director of E-Home Fellowship (EHF), Inc. Webmaster for and other EHF websites, and author of much of the web content.  He serves on the EHF board along with his wife, Marsha Takahashi.  After 20 years of addiction and related bad behavior, he began recovery in 1987 and immediately started helping others, professionally.    He has experience in the Military, Civil Service, Business Management, Construction and Ministry.  He's built 3 profitable businesses and founded 2 non-profit corporations.  His life calling is to help people find success and fulfillment in life.  Glen has earned a BA in Ministerial Studies and an AA in Business.  Marsha has a BA degree and teaching certificate.  She is a Budget Manager for the US Forest Service and serves as Treasurer for EHF. 

About the EHF Advisory Board:

Dennis Perry is a General Building Contractor with much experience in the service and construction industries.  He is the father of 4 children.  Unusual for people in the building industry, Dennis has arranged his business in a way to help employees and partners develop and improve their lives.  He has served on the board since 2003.

Kevin and Debbie Tyndall are our newest Board members, serving since 2004.   Debbie, while a single parent, overcame homelessness and addiction to become a Registered Nurse.  Kevin also overcame addiction as a single parent.  They are blending a family of 5 children, 3 teens and 2 pre-teens (please pray).

Other EHF Websites: was established in 2006 to provide health and fitness help in more detail than we can cover at Way2Hope.  It provides plain language information and support on nutrition, illness, herbs, weight problems, etc. was established in 2006 to provide a stand-alone site for the fellowship pages formerly here at Way2Hope.  This allows us to expand the fellowship, study, discipleship and worship resources available for visitors.

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