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James Allen was a philosopher who's teachings are still influencing lives almost 100 years after his death.  Selected Teachings Of James Allen includes five of his best books.  We'll review all five in these pages.

Selected Teachings Of James Allen

Introduction To The Selected Teachings Of James Allen:

I read with a pencil in my hand, to highlight words and make notes.  After a few pages of the Selected Teachings of James Allen, I realized I was marking almost every line.  Allen was a British philosopher and poet who did most of his writing between 1900 and his death in 1912.  While most philosophy today is theoretical, the teachings of James Allen are practical, leading to an optimistic, disciplined, productive and fulfilling life.  He aptly weaves the teachings of Christ, Buddha, Krishna, etc. with writings of Whitman, Emerson, Wordsworth, Milton and many others.

This book is actually 5 books.  The first, "As a Man Thinketh" is the James Allen book we're all most familiar with.  Thirty pages that will change your life.  This book was a major influence in my transition from a life of selfish pursuit to one of helping others.  I've tried to apply his principles to my life for over 18 years since I first read it.  Having just finished the other four books, I can promise you they are equal, and in some ways, superior to the first.  They are:  "The Way Of Peace" "Above Life's Turmoil" "Byways To Blessedness" and "The Path Of Prosperity."  See the contents of each book on this outline.

I foolishly thought I had a pretty good handle on where James Allen would lead me, having so long an exposure to As A Man Thinketh and so many years in personal improvement.  It didn't take him long to remove my smug self-satisfaction and lay me bare, to reveal all the places I still need work.  While many authors can successfully write about people, events, places and things, there have been a precious few in history who could reveal us to ourselves in any meaningful way.  James Allen was one of those few.  These books are a must read for anyone wishing to improve any circumstance in life.  We'll be reviewing them book by book and chapter by chapter over the coming weeks.  Make sure to get a copy of  Selected Teachings Of James Allen so you can follow along.  Also, get a tablet for notes so you can preserve the book for the multiple readings you're sure to do.

Selected Teachings Of James Allen Chapter Reviews:

Introduction To Selected Teachings Of James Allen
Outline To Selected Teachings Of James Allen
As A Man Thinketh, Chapter 1 Thought And Character
As A Man Thinketh, Chapter 2 Effect of Thought On Circumstances
As A Man Thinketh, Chapter 3, Effect Of Thought On Health & Body
As A Man Thinketh, Chapter 4, Thought And Purpose
As A Man Thinketh, Chapter 5, The Thought-Factor In Achievement
As A Man Thinketh, Chapter 6, Visions And Ideals
As A Man Thinketh, Chapter 7, Serenity
The Way Of Peace, Chapter 1, The Power Of Meditation
The Way Of Peace, Chapter 2, The Two Masters, Self And Truth
The Way Of Peace, Chapter 3, The Acquirement Of Spiritual Power
The Way Of Peace, Chapter 4, The Realization Of Selfless Love
The Way Of Peace, Chapter 5, Entering Into The Infinite
The Way Of Peace, Chapter 6, Saints, Sages, Saviors: Law Of Service
Above Life's Turmoil, Ch 1-2, True Happiness/The Immortal Man
Above Life's Turmoil, Ch 3-4, Overcoming Self/Uses Of Temptation
Above Life's Turmoil, Ch 5-6, Man Of Integrity/Discrimination
Above Life's Turmoil, Ch 7-8, Belief-Action/The Belief That Saves
Above Life's Turmoil, Ch 9-10, Thought-Action/Mental Attitude
Above Life's Turmoil, Ch 11-12, Sowing-Reaping/Reign Of Law
Above Life's Turmoil, Ch 13-14, Supreme Justice/Use Of Reason
Above Life's Turmoil, Ch 15-16, Self-Discipline/Resolution
Above Life's Turmoil, Ch 17-18, Glorious Conquest/Contentment
Above Life's Turmoil, Ch 19-20, Brotherhood/Pastures Of Peace
Byways To Blessedness, Chapters 1-2 cover Right Beginnings/Small Tasks And Duties
Byways To Blessedness, Chapters 3-4 cover Transcending Difficulties And Perplexities/Burden-Dropping
Byways To Blessedness, Chapters 5-6, Hidden Sacrifices/Sympathy
Byways To Blessedness, Chapters 7-8 Forgiveness/Seeing No Evil
Byways To Blessedness, Chapters 9-10 Abiding Joy/Silentness
Byways To Blessedness, Chapters 11-12 Solitude/Standing Alone
Byways To Blessedness, Chapters 13-14, Understanding The Simple Laws Of Life/Happy Endings
The Path Of Prosperity, Chapter 1 The Lesson Of Evil
The Path Of Prosperity, Chapter 2 The World, a Reflex Of Mental States
The Path Of Prosperity, Chapter 3 The Way Out Of Undesirable Conditions
The Path Of Prosperity, Chapter 4 The Silent Power Of Thought; Controlling Directing One's Forces

New chapter reviews added each week!

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