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The Power Of Addicted Love is a riveting autobiography which reveals the depth of the addiction to codependency and gives us all hope for recovery. This page introduces the book and links us to chapter-by-chapter reviews.

The Power Of Addicted Love, by Teresa Hamilton

Introduction To The Power Of Addicted Love:

Codependence has often been considered one of those "made-up" terms to describe an uncomfortable circumstance as if it were a "real" condition.  In her autobiography, Teresa Hamilton reveals just how real codependency can be.  As she struggles through life-threatening situations with her alcoholic, drug addicted and often violent husband, we're drawn to yell, "Get out of there!"...but she can't.  She is as addicted as her husband, not to drugs, but to "make it work."  This is the very real condition of a codependent...addicted to being needed to fix things.  Teresa's story is told in frank detail, taking us through the emotions she felt while being ignored, cheated and abused and while being greatly helped by strangers she calls "angels," at the points of greatest desperation.  Her story gives us hope that, regardless of circumstances we can recover from addiction to our "dream life," just like Teresa.  For the next several weeks, we'll review the book, chapter-by-chapter.  Get your copy now, so you can follow along.

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The Power Of Addicted Love Chapter Reviews:

Introduction To The Power Of Addicted Love

Outline to The Power Of Addicted Love

Chapter 1 The Stage Is Set

Chapter 2,  Imaginary Life

Chapter 3, Codependency

Chapter 4, Denial And Enabling

Chapter 5, The Five Minute Wedding

Chapter 6, Lowering Standards

Chapter 7, Need To Succeed

Chapter 8, Loving Too Much

Chapter 9, Advanced Symptoms

Chapter 10, Battered And Flattered

Chapter 11, Kicked In The Stomach

Chapter 12, Guardian Angel

Chapter 13, Hope?

Chapter 14, Temporary Independence

Chapter 15, Forget And Forgive

Chapter 16, Dream Honeymoon

Chapter 17, Fraud

Chapter 18, Greg Helped Teresa Move Out

Chapter 19, God Had A Plan

Chapter 20, Tom And Teresa's Dream Life

Total Recovery:

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