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In Pornography Addiction-Who Is Hurt, we examine the damage of porn on your marriage, children, friends and co-workers and yourself. Learn the real dangers involved with viewing pornography.

Pornography Addiction-Who Is Hurt?

We get home from work and want to wind down, so we turn on the pornograph (computer) and visit our favorite sites.  Soon, we don't even remember the struggles of work.  Afterwards, we're relaxed, calm.  To chase away that twinge of guilt, we tell ourselves, "How could this natural bodily function hurt anyone?"  This article will reveal, in very frank language, how pornography addiction hurts everyone in your life, including you.  For more information and detail, see these recent top-selling books about pornography and sexual addiction.

Pornography Hurts Your Marriage:

O.K. "significant other" for you who aren't married.  Sexual intimacy is one of the factors that distinguish a committed relationship from, say, an affair.  Though, pornography initially triggers an increase in sexual activity, it is anything but intimate.  It wasn't attraction to our partner that generated the contact, but a need to gratify the desires built up by viewing others.  Forgive me for being blunt, but this turns our mate into little more than a tool for masturbation.  Even more sad is the fact that, over time, our mate becomes the least favorite tool, since the other options place fewer expectations or demands on us.  This is more than a weakened relationship, it is infidelity as severe as adultery, the affair being, in this case, with yourself.   But, pornography addiction hurts more than our marriage, it hurts our children, too.

Porn Hurts Your Children:

It amazes me how many adults are in denial about this one.  First of all, if things aren't right in your marriage, I think you'd agree that affects your children.  If we're addicted to porn, no matter how carefully we hide it, the marriage relationship problems will spill over to our children.  Not only that, if we're sharing computers with the kids, they can pull up the cache and see what we saw.  If we're sharing an internet connection, we have the same address, so they receive spam based on our internet habits.  If you're using pornography magazines, they have seen think they're not in your secret places when you're not around?  Because pornography changes how we see people, we can't hide our thoughts from the kids.  What you do speaks so loudly, they can't hear what you say.  They see how much attention we pay to underwear commercials on TV.  They see where we're looking at people's bodies.  They begin to form their values from ours.

A friend was hurt and angry when his 16-year-old daughter left home and, for 18 months, slept with every male she could get her hands on.  While I was counseling her, it almost seemed she was bragging about her sexual popularity.  Her Dad was angry at the world, but, having known him for years, I knew the problem was closer to home.  You see, for most of the time she was growing up, he had the Playboy bunny logo (rabbit's head) on his keychain, dangling from the steering column everywhere he drove her.  By this, and probably other signals, Dad communicated to his daughter what was important.  Sure, there were other factors, but her behavior after 16 was, in many ways, a fulfillment of years of programming.

While we're on the subject of children, pornography is a reliable indicator of pedophilia.  Why do you think it's one of the first things police look for in a suspect's home?  An ex-friend of mine was a drug and pornography addict.  I was very uncomfortable with how he and his teenage daughter clung to each other.  Later, he went to prison for having sex with a 12-year-old.  These ideas may be terrible thoughts, but, if you're addicted to porn, chances are you'll get to the point where the thought isn't so terrible.  Have you had these thoughts, already?  Pay attention to where your mind goes when you're looking at porn...or people.  As Solomon said, "As a man is he."

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