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Help for parents to protect their children from accident and injury while growing up. You'll find pages to help with pool safety, home safety and car passenger safety, along with links to other helpful resources and pages.

Child Personal Safety:

To say this is a concern to most parents is like looking at a hurricane and saying it's partly cloudy.  Probably your biggest worry since you found out you would be a parent is the safety of your child.  You've had to look at everything and everyone as a potential hazard.  We'll cover accident prevention tips around the pool, home and auto on these pages.  Here are the latest best-selling Books on Child Personal Safety.  If you're interested in finding ways to protect your child from sexual abuse, you'll find help on our page Child Sexual Abuse Prevention.

Child Pool Safety:

The swimming pool is one of the most dangerous areas of the home.  Even for kids who know how to swim and are old enough to supervise themselves in other things, playing with other kids in the water tends to make otherwise smart kids go brain-dead.  Until their mid-teens, after they've learned how to prevent drowning, all children should be supervised while using the pool.  This is not easy.  In addition to the supervision, there are a number of issues to consider with the pool; fences, chemicals, equipment, sun protection, pool safety rules and other things important to consider if you have a pool or allow your child to visit a friend's pool.  We cover all of these on our page, Child Pool Safety.

Child Safety In The Home:

It probably is no surprise that the home is a dangerous place for children when you consider what is done at your home:  It's a playground for all ages of children.
It's a restaurant that serves food 24 hours a day.
It's a theater.
It's a hotel.
It's a laundry facility, washing 10-30 loads per week.
It's a school, and nursery.
It's a warehouse.
It's a garage where all kinds of maintenance actions take place.
It's a car wash, gardening service and pest control business, with all the chemicals.
This also helps explain why you're so busy.

With all this going on at the same time, you're trying to use your home to nurture infants, toddlers and older children.  Accidents are bound to happen.  The key is to do everything in your control to reduce the number of accidents and the severity of injuries.  To help you do just that, we published the Child Safety In The Home tips page.

Child Passenger Safety:

Another major area of concern is whenever a child gets close to an automobile.  Even some of the car safety equipment is dangerous for children.  There's a lot more to consider than most realize if you're going to protect a child in a car.  You can get a lot of tips and hints on our Child Passenger Safety page.


As you're going through all the tips and tricks on these pages and the other places you get information, there is one big tip to keep in mind.  Let your kids be kids!  It's possible to be so safe that the safety steps end up hurting your child.  As they get older, they have to be allowed to make mistakes that hurt them...that's how they learn.  It's easy for parents to know the science of safety, but it's an art to balance that science with a child's need for childhood mistakes.  I can't even tell you when you'll know it's right to let them take a certain amount of risk.  Most of the parents I've counseled don't have a set standard for this...they just go by the feel of it.  On the other hand, the parents who don't let go seem to get a much larger degree of rebellion from the early teen years on.  All teenagers rebel to some degree, but those who have been over-controlled and over-protected have much more severe problems in their teens.

As my niece, the best parent I know, says, "You can't sweat the small stuff...choose your battles."  If you're hearing from people you love and respect that you need to lighten up a little, consider it.  If you hear it frequently, consider whether you have an anxiety problem.  You can investigate this by visiting our page Anxiety Management Help.  No matter what you do, your child will be hurt in numerous ways while growing up.   The biggest child safety tip I can think of is to get help and wisdom from God.  He can protect your child, heal an injured child and help you with the child safety anxiety all parents have.  If you want God's help, click on help me God.

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