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Tips and hints to protect child passengers in the car. This is much more than buckle up and baby seat information. In addition to auto safety, you'll find child safety tips pages for pool and house and much more.

Child Passenger Safety-Car Safety Tips For Kids

Though car seats and safety belts are important, they aren't the only things parents should look out for when kids are riding in cars.  Hopefully, we've thought of a few things that can help you prevent a serious accident. Here are the latest best-selling Books on Child Personal Safety

Child Passenger Car Safety Tips:

1.  Always inspect behind and beside the car before backing out, even if little Johnny is buckled in, his friend may be back there to see him off.

2.  If you have a removable baby seat, check on top and behind the car before leaving...also, double check to see to it the baby seat is buckled in.

3.  Never allow a child under 12 in the front seat (your laws may be different) because of possible injury from air bags.

4.  When using Child Car Safety Seats, be familiar with the laws in your area and with all manufacturer's recommendations.  Used wrongly, these things can be more harmful than not using them.

5.  Never allow breakable glass items, sharp objects or flammable materials in the passenger area of the car.

6.  Secure all heavy items with cargo nets or straps so they won't fly around in an accident.

7.  Make sure your car is equipped with driver-controlled windows and door locks so children can't open them even if they want to.

8.  No matter how much fun it is, never allow children to stick anything out the window while the car is moving.

9.  Never leave children unattended in the car, particularly in the sun.  They can be killed by the heat, abducted by a pedophile or car jacker, accidentally release the brakes or can get out and be run over in the parking lot.

10.  Feel under seats and handles...anywhere a child can get to...for sharp objects or staples, etc. and fix anything you find.

11.  Never leave a gun, knife or other weapon under the seat or in the glove box or anywhere else a child may be able to get to.

12.  If your car came with an electric lighter, remove it.

Note:  It's normal to be a little anxious about your children's safety.  The fact is, no matter how careful you are, they will have accidents, get hurt and get sick.  If you're very fortunate...that's all.  Knowing this, it wouldn't hurt to ask for a little more help than these tips can offer.  The biggest child safety tip I can think of is to get help and wisdom from God.  He can protect your child, heal an injured child and help you with the child safety anxiety all parents have.  If you want God's help, click on help me God.

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