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Why Offer Pedophiles Therapy? covers several of the practices used to combat pedophilia and the effectiveness of those practices, including punishment, self-help and therapy.

Why Offer Pedophiles Therapy?

Admittedly, with this subject, no matter what I write there will be criticism, but it's worth it if others will take a step back from the emotions and consider true solutions to the problem of pedophilia.  Fear and anger are normal responses to child molestation but they can't form the basis of any real solution.  Instead, we need to understand the problem, craft prevention strategies, determine effective punishment and establish treatments for both the victims and the pedophiles.  Since prevention, victim treatment and pedophile convict treatment/punishment are exhaustively covered elsewhere, we're going to focus, here, on therapy for pedophiles (and potential pedophiles) as part of the crime prevention strategy.  Here are some top selling books on therapy for pedophiles and other sexual abusers.

Punishment For Sexual Offenders is strongly and appropriately favored by pretty much everyone but the offenders.  These are heinous criminal acts done to people who cannot defend themselves.  When you add the cruelty of threat and terror imposed by the pedophiles who know their victims, it becomes clear that every time we catch someone like this, they need to be punished to the full extent of the law.  As opposed to popular belief, though, punishment (usually with therapy) is pretty effective for those convicted.  The repeat conviction rate for child molesters is 13%, according to the Center For Sex Offender Management (CSOM).  This suggests punishment has a significant deterrent effect on the convicted pedophile.

Molestation Crime Statistics  As effective as punishment is with those caught, it appears to have little or no deterrent effect on pedophiles, at large.  Some would say we need more laws, stronger punishments or more aggressive law enforcement.  This misses the most important points about the crime of molestation.  If you want more laws, OK, but these crimes are very aggressively enforced as it is, with conviction rates regularly exceeding 60%, which is pretty good.  This is where understanding of the problem can help us establish better prevention, treatment and punishment options.

Molestation is a secret crime, with over 90% of molesters having a relationship with the victim, usually someone close to the victim's family.  The victim will very likely see their molester again...and they know it.  The terrorism this relationship creates is often more devastating psychologically than the actual physical abuse.  Also, when faced with the prospect of disrupting the family or sending a close loved one to jail, a child will often choose to endure repeated molestation.  This false loyalty adds guilt and self-loathing to the damage already done to the victim.  According to a 1997 US Justice Department study, "children have experienced (but not reported) levels of victimization that far exceed those reported for adults." In another study, the Justice Department concluded that less than 10% of molestations are reported.  I suspect this is because of the terror relationship and false loyalty.  Depending on whose study you trust, the average convicted pedophile abuses 15-30 children before being caught...and less than 10% are caught.  I found estimates of 100-150 molestation victims in the time it takes to catch one molester.  It's impossible for the police to enforce laws against unreported crimes.  If we focus only on punishment and treatment of convicted child molesters, we are ignoring over 90 % of the problem.  Their victims are the children that punishment can't help...those molested before someone is caught or by those who are never caught.

Why Offer Therapy To Pedophiles?  It's those children that punishment can't help that I'm concerned about.  The therapy we need is for those pedophiles who haven't started molesting or who haven't been get as many as possible stopped before another child is hurt.  We all know some percentage of pedophiles are beyond any intervention.  Prevention therapy isn't a panacea but, if we could help just 1% to never start or to quit, that could save over 100,000 children who would be victims.  This is why takes a strong stand against pornography and other sexual addictions.  It's why we have a pedophile therapy page that gently urges people to try self-control techniques and to seek professional therapy if self-help doesn't work.  We're not trying to coddle or excuse pedophilia but to find a way for these people to get help before they hurt another child.

It isn't that punishment is's just too late to save most of the victims.  A strong program to fight child molestation must try to intervene with treatment so potential molesters are helped before they've hurt anyone...or anyone else.  To do otherwise is to ignore the 90% who are not caught, and worse, to ignore their victims.

I want you to know there is someone who can help, who loves you and wants only the best for you.  That someone is God.  If you want help from God, just click on Help Me God.

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