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Conclusion to Elderly Caregiver Support to care for the needs of your senior loved one. You'll find valuable information, support, resources and links to survive the stress and be fit enough to help your loved one long term.

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Elderly Caregiver Physical Support:

Just as much as you need time away to relieve the stresses of being an elderly caregiver, you need physical conditioning, too.  Many people don't realize the relationship between your physical and mental self.  If you have mental/emotional problems, they can cause physical problems.  If you have physical problems, they can cause mental/emotional problems.  I learned this with diabetes, having my blood sugar dictate my mood.  If you're going to be the caregiver or oversee the caregivers for someone you love, you need to see to your own physical needs.  Obviously, you need to get enough rest, but beyond that, caregivers tend to ignore themselves.  Reducing the effects of stress on your body takes both diet and exercise...mainly aerobic exercise.  You should maintain a low fat, balanced diet with plenty of fiber and plenty of water.  Stresses over years of seeing to the needs of an elderly loved one are far easier to take if you're not adding to those stresses with poor diet and exercise.  See our pages on Weight Loss Management Tips for more information on a healthy diet and exercise.  These pages aren't just about losing weight, they're about a healthy lifestyle that reduces stress and maintains a great attitude.

Elderly Caregiver Moral Support:

When you're the caregiver for an elderly loved one, there is nothing as valuable as the support of friends and family.  Get with those closest to you and ask them for their help...not just their hands, but their hearts, supporting you as you support your loved one.  This is not an admission of weakness, it's a recognition of the strength they can lend you.  This way, they're asked to be part of the picture rather than them feeling pushed out of the picture.  If your spouse or friend is having to oversee and provide for the needs of an elderly loved one, the best way you can support them is to offer help and tell them you're behind any decision they make.  Having been a caregiver and an advisor to caregivers, I can tell you the best advice you can give them is none, unless they ask you for it.  I wouldn't be giving you this advice if you hadn't asked in your search.  Unsolicited advice is added pressure a caregiver doesn't need.  What we need as caregivers is a loving embrace and a sympathetic ear.  That is far more support than the best advice.

Finally, another area of support that the elderly caregiver needs is spiritual support.  I mentioned the mental and physical needs we have earlier.  More important than those are our spiritual needs.  I don't believe I could have gotten through my mother's, brother's or sister's deaths if I hadn't known my separation from them is temporary...that they are now completely healed, with brand new bodies in a place where there is no sickness or death.  I'll join them one day.  For those of you who are getting a little skeptical about now, I want you to know there is hope...reason for optimism in caring for your loved one.  That hope is founded in God...the One who created you and loves you and wants you and your elderly loved one to spend forever with Him, in the place I described.  If you want God's help to get through this struggle, click on God Help Me.

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