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Understandable information on the elder care legal issues...trusts, wills, powers of attorney, health, insurance and finances. Many pages with simple explanations and discussions to prepare for this stage of life.

Elder Care Law

Elder Care Law helps with living trusts, power of attorney, Medicare, Medicaid, insurance and other senior legal issues. Still, law is so complicated, most it's very valuable to go to a family law or elder care law attorney, rather than elsewhere.  It would be foolish for us to try to replace these services with some downloadable form that may or may not work in your State.  It's far better for you to spend the money to get expert help.  What we do offer is general information and answers that may help you save time with these professionals once you begin arranging your affairs for the final stretch or your life.  If you plan well, you can take care of all your needs and eliminate the confusion once you start needing help with your personal business.  Elder care law covers who is empowered to take care of you once you can't do it yourself, how you want that care to proceed, directing the hospital as to long term life-support and life-saving measures, and seeing to it that any assets left after your final expenses are dispersed according to your wishes.  These are important and somewhat overpowering issues to tackle.  Unfortunately, many ignore these issues until too late, leaving the decisions to others, sometimes total strangers.  This is unfair to the people who love you and it almost guarantees you will not get the elder care you deserve.  If you're a caregiver, make sure your loved ones have their affairs in order before they're unable to speak for themselves.  If you're the one asking another to be caregiver for you, get their help putting your affairs in order so they have all the authority and asset access they need to give you the care you want.  I hope the following pages help you navigate the tricky waters of elder care law:

Living Trust Basics-Advantages discusses what to look for in a living trust and what advantages there are over other ways in elder law to disperse your assets after death.

What Is Power Of Attorney covers how you can assign elder care law authority over your finances and health care decisions while you're still alive but no longer able to take care of these things yourself.

Purpose Of A Living Will provides understandable explanations of the use of a living will to direct health care decisions when you can't.

Medicare And Medicaid Use and Abuse covers the US resources that are available to seniors because they paid into the system their whole lives.  It also suggests you avoid some of the more common elder care law abuses of the Medicaid program.

Gap Insurance Coverage offers tips on the types of insurance is needed to bridge the gap between Medicare and full coverage of medical expenses.

Long Term Care Insurance Health helps seniors decide how to cover any long-term assisted living or nursing care they may need.

Senior Health Care covers many issues and illnesses unique to senior care, giving a broad picture of the senior health care environment.

Financial Elder Care looks at senior care giving from the money side.  The money has to come from somewhere.  We'll cover many ideas and strategies for elder money management.

Assisted Living Questions-Concepts covers the types of assisted living available for in-home and in-facility senior care and answers many common questions on the subject.

Senior Care Giving covers the many issues that elder care providers, whether professional or a caring loved one, will want to consider to give the proper care.

Senior Issues Forum - Find answers on Medicare, Assisted Living, Legal concerns and general interest to seniors.

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