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It's an honor that you've allowed us to try and help with your family and life issues.  Thank you very much for visiting.  Please return soon.
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Help for families with problems in marriage, parenting, senior care, finances, abuse, addiction, mental health, Illness, weight, and more.

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Welcome!  We're dedicated to finding solutions to family life problems.  We all have them... problems rain down on us all... but the sun is coming out.  There's hope!  Your storm could be one of those we've covered or something we're researching.  We can offer our help, support, assistance, advice and friendship from people who actually know what it's like...because we've been there. 

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To get around on the site, you can use the menu bar above, "Related Topics" to the Right, and the latest issues in "Way2hope News," just below that.  With the Menu Bar, you're always 1-2 clicks from any page in the site, so you don't have to waste time opening a lot of pages or figuring out a sitemap.  Here's a brief explanation of the Menu Bar Topics:

Family: Relationship and parenting issues, like, marriage, divorce, child safety, blended families, etc.

Finances:  Personal and family budgeting, debt, mortgage, employment, investment, etc.

Abuse:  Prevention and recovery from molestation, rape, incest, domestic violence, etc.

Health:  Addiction, cancer, mental health, diets & weight problems, other physical illnesses.

Articles/Books:  Syndicated articles we've published, along with book reviews and book lists relating to the above issues.

Forums/Blog:  Where you can talk to us and each other to get and give support on your issues.

Shopping:  Family Mall with tens of thousands of items, including shortcuts to what would help with the above topics.

About/Site:  About us, contact us, site search, site maps, privacy/security policy, resources, etc.

RSS:  Instructions for using RSS and a list of RSS feeds for Way2Hope.

Whatever is raining on your life, we want to help.  We've done our best to rule out the absurd.  If you're seeking a no-nonsense answer to one of life's challenges, I hope you find it here.  If we haven't included a family life problem you face, let me know what you'd like help with.



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